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Mommin' ain't easy. At FYM I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a mom. 

That's why I'm here. I'm here to serve you in becoming the best mom you can be. 

Through the blog and podcast, you will find resources to support you in your journey through motherhood!


Hi. I'm Karen

My hands are full but so is my heart. I find other moms on the internet who let me interview them! Sometimes motherhood is hard. Sometimes it's pretty spectacular. I have the coolest job in the world that let's me be real and share the whole beautiful mess with you.



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Tune in weekly for conversations with moms just like you and tips and strategies for showing up as your best self!

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Relatable, wise & positive. The Finding Your Momtra podcast is good for the soul. Karen features topics that all women and mothers think about, lament about and celebrate. Her message is kind and positive and she effortlessly expresses her support of other women & mothers other there. The Finding Your Momtra blog coupled with the podcast is a slam dunk combination for seasoned, new and soon to be mothers! Bravo, Karen!
— Podcast Listener
Real moms, real talk. Karen Liebner is showing up for us moms, sharing the wisdom and experience she has gained since becoming a mom. Great insight, direct and to the point. Love it and can’t wait to hear more!
— Podcast Listener

The beautiful family images shared on my site were captured by my amazing friend, Natalie McKnight Photography