(If my bestie can make ME look good in a pic, she is basically a miracle worker! Click the image to check out her gorgeous family, lifestyle, and birth photography!)

(If my bestie can make ME look good in a pic, she is basically a miracle worker! Click the image to check out her gorgeous family, lifestyle, and birth photography!)


Hi! I'm Karen. I chose to rewrite my motherhood story.

I chose to start sharing my journey with you to inspire you to become the mother you always knew you could be. 

Like you, I was barely treading water. I was overwhelmed with parenting, having a full time job, and maintaining a fulfilling relationship.

Most of all... I was losing myself. 


Motherhood was consuming me and I didn't know where to turn. I kept grasping at straws outwardly to remind me of who I was. I would stare at the clock, willing away days, waiting for the work day to end, wishing for bedtime to come. For those few precious moments to myself.  For time to try and figure this all out.



I decided that the solution wasn't outside of me. 

I started to look inward for answers. The word 'teach' came to me over and over again. I would leave my job at a middle school and spend hours every afternoon walking my son and my dog. The word 'teach' repeated itself in my head. How could I be called to teach if that position was eating away at me? This answer frustrated me endlessly.

One day I realized there was much more to it. A stream of ideas, experiences, and memories overwhelmed me.

I knew what I had to do.

My thoughts went from meditate to journal to blog. I thought of the countless conversations with mom friends around our guilt, frustration, love, exhaustion, and fulfillment. 

I needed to get these thoughts out somewhere. I needed to find support in becoming the best me I could be. Can you relate?

I needed to Find My Momtra. 

Nothing has ever lit a more fierce and persistent fire in my heart than my desire to own my motherhood and to help you do the same.

The FYM Blog and Podcast were born from this desire. Not to become any version of a mom I'd known before but from a need to become authentically me in every sense of that phrase.  FYM is the place where I share my musings on motherhood, the tips I've discovered, and the wisdom of the moms I have the honor of getting to know. Are you ready to join us?

Because our families deserve this. Because the world deserves more mindful moms.   

Because we deserve it. 


If you're ready to live the life you deserve, tune in weekly to the FYM Podcast and subscribe below to receive updates, tips, and tools directly from me to you. Let's find our momtras together.





Professional Bio

Karen is a mother, wife, and lover of teaching & learning, travel, and all things coconut. She is also the founder of the Finding Your Momtra Blog and Podcast.

Karen works with moms who struggle to see themselves. Seeing herself means recognizing the assets, the wisdom, and the uniqueness she brings to her motherhood. Karen supports moms in their pursuit of mindfulness and showing up as their authentic selves at each stage of the parenting game. 

FYM was launched while juggling a full time job, a marriage, and a squirmy toddler. Since beginning this journey, Karen has upped her presence and mindfulness game. 

Now she's showing up to share with you the tips and strategies that are making this possible for her family.