Episode #41: Tough Conversations with Niki and Meaghan of Other Life Lessons

Difficult conversations with our kiddos are inevitable! These moms are out to open that dialogue and make it a little easier!

Episode #40: Getting Messy in Business and Motherhood with Hannah England

Listen in to honest convo about motherhood and running a business!

Episode #39: Being a Mighty Mama with Alysa Martinez

Find out what it takes to be a Mighty Mama

Episode #38: How Budgeting Supports Mindfulness

We’re starting off 2019 on the right foot by sharing the best tips, strategies, and inspo for budgeting. Set your family up for success by listening in!

Episode #37: Handling Big Transitions Gracefully with Gila Pfeffer

If you want to know how to tackle a trans-Atlantic move with four kids under 10 (or maybe even a smaller transition), then THIS is the episode for you!

Episode #36: Pumping: What’s it REALLY like?

Tune to hear my chat with a lactation consultant about the realities of being a working, pumping mom!

Episode #35: Gathering your Birth Team (& VBAC Prep) with Tiffany Alblinger

Tune in for childbirth prep tips, how birth partners can support laboring moms, how to find the right healthcare providers, and more about Tiffany’s amazing work in the world!

Episode #33: Meaningful Family Communication with Jennifer Zumbiel

I share a convo with Jennifer Zumbiel, founder and creator of Togather Moments and mom of 4 busy kiddos. Jennifer knew there was a better way to communicate with our kids in ways that would promote more than just a, "Fine." response. In this episode, she shares her secret sauce for engaging family conversations and offers three tips for making it happen regularly!

Episode #32: How to be a Green Mom with Leah Segedie

Listen in to learn actionable steps for making your home, life, and family greener and cleaner today!

Episode #31: Ready, Set, Mom

In today's episode I chat with the incredible Alexandra Carey. Alex took control of her self-care and fitness after her daughter was born and has since become addicted to the runner's high. Wait until you hear about the amazing physical challenges that Alex has taken on including the RAGNAR race. You better be sitting down to hear what this is! I know that Alex's story will inspire you to get off the couch this holiday season.

Episode #30: Accidental Supermom with Erin De Boer

She may have become a Supermom 'accidentally' but this mom has certainly earned the title! Erin De Boer is SAHM to three under three and she not only crushes it but owns it. She started Accidental Supermom to share her trials and tribulations of handling Type I diabetes which her middle child has but has also branched out to dish about mom life in general.

Episode #29: Finding Strength

In this episode, I am thrilled to share a really heartfelt and raw conversation with yet another incredible mom. Caitie is mom to a 7 year old daughter and the cohost of Blackbird:The Podcast, a place that was created to support young people through grief and loss. Caitie is no stranger to trials in life… but as you’ll hear from our conversation she maintains a hilarious sense of humor and a huge open heart. Listen in as Caitie shares the importance of community and how to find strength even in the most trying times.

Episode #28: The Mom on the Move

In this episode, I chat with Anitra Allen, The Mom on the Move! Anitra is super mom to three super kids, author, speaker, relationship and life coach, and blogger (and much more!). She shares with us how she used her years in corporate America to hack family life and relationships and promises to help moms 'do more in less time with less stress'. She certainly hits the nail on the head in our conversation!

Episode #27: How to be Multipassionate with Nikki Cagle

Today I chat with multipassionate, multitalented mama of twin toddlers, Nikki Cagle. Nikki is so real and honest about how she gets it all done - or sometimes, doesn't! If you need some tips and tricks for getting through your day when there are so many balls in the air, this is the episode for you!

Episode #26: Seeing the Humor in Every Day with Rachel Sobel

You are going to love every second of this episode. I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Rachel Sobel of the Whine and Cheezits blog. Rachel provides a much needed break from the monotony on of perfection on IG. Early on in motherhood, Rachel realized that’s what she needed- a good laugh. And when she couldn’t find it, she set out to share it herself. From an early following of friends and family, who totally got her mom life stories to now a following of thoughts, Rachel brings levity and humor into every day and she definitely did so in this conversation.

Episode #25: Tapping into our Creative Energy with Amy Dunkel

As always I'm super jazzed about this convo with fellow podcaster, Amy Dunkel of the Moms Who Rule the World Podcast! In this episode, we share concrete tips for tapping into our creative energy even when we feel completely wiped out from raising littles.

Listen in as we chat candidly about raising toddlers and running creative businesses!

Episode #24: How are we doing?

It's been four months since my guest joined me on his first podcast episode. That's right! Fred is back! Our first episode together has been the fan favorite so far so I invited Fred back to check in. How are we doing? What are our strengths as a toddler parents? What do we predict for our future? Tune in to find out!

Episode #23: Doing Business and Raising Babies

This episode features my IG friend, Brittany Vanover of Doing Business and Raising Babies. If you’re curious about how to honor your current season and go with the flow, this episode is for you!

Episode #22: 5 Best Pieces of Wisdom from 5 Months of Interviews

I cannot believe that I've been doing this for five months already! I've gained so much wisdom and inspiration from the ladies who join me on my show! Today's show is a roundup of the gems that keep coming up!

Episode #21: Frugal Living & Peace of Mind

Emily is a mom of three living in the Bay Area. She is a frugal living mastermind! This episode is jam packed with tips for budgeting and getting a hold on your finances and finding peace of mind!

Episode #20: Mommy and Me OT

I am joined by Amy Underwood, an Occupational Therapist originally from Ireland but who is calling in today from Michigan! Amy’s goal is to create an environment where women can get together with their babies have a good laugh, get some good quality exercise and feel a little less stressed, even if it’s just for an hour once a week. That’s a goal I can definitely get behind! Listen in as we chat about her passion for helping others and what it’s like balancing a toddler and a business.

Episode #19: Story Telling and Authenticity

Michelle has been an inspiration to me since day one of starting FYM. Her authenticity and wisdom shine through in all that she shares. Though Michelle's primary work is with female entrepreneurs, the tips and strategies she shares in this episode are applicable to women in all stages of their careers and we're sure there are valuable take-aways for everyone. Listen in to hear us chat about motherhood, loss, transformation, and how to create a life of freedom.

Episode #18

Brittney Anderson is co-founder of They Call Me Mom Retreats. She along with her husband Tyson recognized the need for moms to have a place to be empowered, rejuvenate, and connect and in August they are launching their first retreat in Arizona. Brittney joins me on the podcast to share her experiences with motherhood and why she believes that we don’t have to bear the weight of saving the whole world, we can just start with the two little eyes staring up at us.

Episode #17: Multifaceted Mama of Five, Here to help you Thrive!

In this episode, I talk with Crystal Kargas, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Intuitive Eating Counselor. She’s sharing with us how she came to be this multifaceted mama of five.
In her words, Crystal helps overwhelmed moms nurture a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies so they can mother from a place of abundance. Lucky you because she is here to share some of her favorite tips and tools for helping you truly thrive!

Screenshot 2018-08-06 at 9.14.30 PM.png

Episode #16: Peaceful Mamas

I was so honored to have the founders of Peaceful Mamas on the show. Peaceful Mamas is a place where moms are encouraged to “let go of overwhelm, guilt, and comparison, and find your inner peace and fulfillment in motherhood and life”. Natalie Sager and Lindsay Ambrose are on a mindful mom life mission and they are here today to share their stories and tools and tips for you to become the best version of you that you can be. I can’t wait for you to hear from them!

Episode #15:

I am so happy to share with you my conversation with Michele Lovetri. Michele is a mom of twin boys and is unapologetic and open about her experience with infertility and the challenges she faced with anxiety and perinatal mood disorders. Michele believes that showing up and speaking out is the best way to support other moms and those who care about them. Listen in as we chat about when she found out she had twins on the way, how she's learned to ask for help, and why she's so passionate about helping other moms.

Episode #14: Fostering

Episode #14 is a jam packed exciting convo with Tabi Falcone of Anna Belle Beet Designs. Tabi is a more-than-multifaceted mom - she's the breadwinner, mom of two, small business owner, and a foster mom. And amazingly, she does it all with a great sense of humor that radiates through her voice. You're going to love to hear how this mom does it all and how this incredible family manages opening their home to other kiddos in need of some extra lovin.

Episode #13: Don't be a martyr

This episode is all about the lie I've been telling myself: that motherhood = sacrifice, all day, every day. Is this your story of motherhood? Listen in to hear my three best strategies for changing this mindset and caring for myself!

Episode #10: Self Love

Self-love warrior, Meg Boggs, and I chat about loving each step in the motherhood journey, rocking mom buns, and share real tips for making time for mom!

Image credit: Meg Boggs

Episode #8: Infertility

In this episode, I share a conversation with a fellow mama who struggled to start a family. We discuss pregnancy loss, fertility support, and the emotions that come with this journey. We provide some concrete strategies that we used to overcome this challenge in our lives. I hope that you will feel comfort knowing that you are not alone in your struggle!

Episode #7 : The Dad Perspective

The most popular episode yet! Listen to my husband and I talk about all things pregnancy, labor and delivery, and our first year as parents. You're sure to laugh, you might cry, you'll definitely get a kick out of our stories!

Episode #6: Mommy Mindfulness

In this episode, I chat with Kristen of Easy Lemon Squeezy all about mommy mindfulness and self-care. We dish on our early struggles in motherhood and how we are working on helping ourselves and supporting other moms in the process! You have to check out her inspiring products at easylemonsqueezy.com and on Instagram @easylemon_squeezy !

Episode #5: C-Section Awareness

In this episode I share the two best pieces of wisdom I have learned since my son's birth that have helped me process my emotions regarding my c-section. Whether your a c-section mama or you are just struggling with how your birth story went down- this episode is for you!

Episode #4: Friendships

My friend, Hilary, and I dish on how our friendships have evolved since becoming moms. We offer tips and reasons why staying connected to friends is SO important!

Episode #3: Mom Bod

Tune in as I tackle this hot button issue. You might be surprised by how I feel!

Episode #2: Mom Guilt

Listen in as I chat with one of my besties all about mom guilt!

Episode #1

Meet me, the host of the FYM Podcast! I share the story all about how FYM came to be.