Top Podcast Episodes for Inspo!

I’m so proud that FYM is becoming chock full of resources for you to dive into. But I also recognize that this could be a bit overwhelming if you’re just joining our tribe!

To make your transition into the FYM community a little smoother OR to help you find what you might be looking for if you’ve been here a while, I’ve compiled a list of my most inspiring interviews and most loved episodes. Most loved by both me and my listeners!

1) Episode #7: The Dad Perspective

Shockingly, the most beloved episode of the FYM Podcast so far has been the episode in which I interviewed my husband. We share the hilarious stories of the last week of my pregnancy and talk about the challenges we faced as a new parent team. If you are interested in a feel-good episode, this one’s for you!

2) Episode #10: Self Love

If you’re not under a rock then you’re familiar with Self Love advocate Meg Boggs. In this episode, we talk about her journey to motherhood and the part that fitness played. Meg is so genuine and sweet and her advice and insights make this episode a must listen!

3) Episode #17: Multipassionate Mom of Five Helping You Thrive

In this episode, nutritionist and mom of five, Crystal Kargas, shares her advice for helping raise healthy, conscious eaters. These are strategies I suggest to any toddler mom!

4) Episode #29: Finding Strength with Caitlin Flaim

Caitie Flaim of Blackbird: The Podcast joins me to talk about loss and grief. As a woman who has experienced both at different points in her life, Caitie sheds light on how to come out of the darkness. Her advice is insightful and somehow humorous, and we had so much fun recording together despite the heavy topic. If you’re facing a challenge, this episode is for you!

I hope you enjoy this compilation of top episodes. If you’re loving the content and listening on the go, don’t forget to rate and review the show on the Podcast app!