I want every woman to know....

Oh, hey! Remember me? Sometimes I write words here. I forgot for a month or two…. I really think everyone needs to play to their strengths though and I am definitely a talker.

Have you been tuning in to the Podcast lately? I’ve had an awesome line up of guests and so many I’m excited to share coming up!

But that’s not why I’m popping in today. Part of my journey to becoming the best mom I can be is using up all of our data every month with my headphones in consuming every piece of content I can find. One of my favorite things I’ve heard lately is that sharing your inspired thought is your responsibility. And I was reminded that maybe you like to hear what I have to say via email or on the blog and not through the podcast alone. So it’s my new mission to show up more regularly this way. Sound good? Ok.

Today I want to talk about some things I want every woman (not just mom) to know.

This idea came onto my heart as I think about whether baby number two is a little girl or not. Part of this transformation I’m undergoing as a mom has to do with my identity as a woman changing and evolving. And yes, I want to be an awesome role model for my son… but something about potentially having a daughter makes this all that much more important.

If we want to talk numbers, I’m the ‘biggest’ I’ve ever been. I started pregnancy one at the highest weight I’d ever been in my life and I started this pregnancy just above my pre-Ben weight (so again, the largest I’ve ever been). But if you can believe me. I’m actually more confident and less focused on my physical appearance and I guess, what that means to other people, than I’ve ever been in my life.

Our bodies are pretty damn amazing.

Whether you grew a human, ran a marathon, or just look in the mirror and think, “Yas, girl”, these meat suits we were given are pretty miraculous. I just can’t waste any more of my time or energy on feeling unhappy with my body anymore. And I hope more of my fellow women follow suit.

You don’t ever have to feel alone.

Literally, ever. We live in a time when we have instant access to people in almost every corner of the globe. I’ve said it until I’m blue in the face- we all need a village. Someone to text at 2 am. Someone to bitch to (who also knows you don’t need advice, just a friendly ear). Someone to send memes to.

There are groups online to celebrate and chat about anything you might love. Your village is definitely out there. If not, create it. Someone else may be looking for you.

You are loved.

No strings attached. I truly believe that there is an infinite source of love out there. I believe that it is completely within our ability to tap into that when we need it (or, like, all the time). It’s not (just) in the embrace of someone special or in the presence of a parent or your child. It’s literally within all of us. All the time.

These three truths I’ve learned as I become the woman I am meant to be. Motherhood has definitely made the rate at which I’m learning these lessons a bit quicker. What are some lessons you’ve learned as you’ve grown?