5 (Maybe) Surprising Things about Me

So here I am! I show up in your inbox and IG feed pretty frequently. By now you've probably guessed that I'm a mom. But what else do you know about me? Do you ever feel like 'mom' has become the sum of your identity, that the other pieces that make up YOU have melted away at some point? This was one of my biggest fears in starting a blog about motherhood, that suddenly that's all I'd be to the world.

Slowly I'm finding that while some moments being a mom is still so surreal and unfamiliar, like an out of body experience. Sometimes though it feels like the most natural thing and that I'm suddenly more myself than ever before. .. Most of the time I feel like a walking contradiction because of feelings like these (and other feelings that you may have read about in other posts!).

Anyway, in addition to the pieces of my story that you've been hearing along the way, I wanted to share a few more possibly surprising facts about me!

1) We live in the same neighborhood that I grew up in (on the same street, two blocks from my mom in fact!). When we started dating, I told my husband that he'd NEVER get me to leave the city. But, spoiler, we've spent the last few months looking for our future, country home! I'm as surprised as my close family and friends are that I want to make that move! But I'm READY!

2) I met my husband when I was 19 (he was 27). We were both dating other people and working at a restaurant together. I stood at the host stand with googly eyes every time he entered the restaurant. It took us 4 years to both end up single at the same time and the encouragement of a mutual friend to get us on our first date. Here we are- 9 years, a pup, and a baby later!

3) My favorite TV series that I've watched all the way through (more than once!) are The Office, Arrested Development, and Gilmore Girls. What I would give to be the witty, fast-talking Lorelai! Currently, I'm binging on Jane the Virgin and could totally see myself starting over from Episode One again someday!

4) I really dislike spoken word. Don't hate me if you love it! It makes me so uncomfortable to watch and I don't know why. I totally respect someone for putting themselves out there like that! I just never got into it-- but I'm willing to let you prove me wrong! Send me your best slam poetry and I'll give it a whirl!

5) Blogging gives me a bit of anxiety but I'll record podcasts all the livelong day! (IMHO) I'm a much better talker and I don't overthink it! You should check it out!