Community over Competition: Why Moms Need One Another

I'll just put this out here since the title already gave it away- I'm not here to be a one woman show. In fact, this whole operation got started because I was in search of inspiration, comfort, and commiseration. So let me cut to the chase and tell you that I want you- no, I need you to collaborate with me. Because that's what this is all about. Not just this blog, but motherhood as well.

I reach out to women all the time to be guests on my podcast and the number one responses are, "Well, I don't know what I have to talk about....." or "I've never done anything like this before so it might not be a good episode..."

First of all, what is with the immediate self-doubt and deprecation?! I reached out to you (and this goes to YOU reading right now too) because we all have stories to tell. We all have bits of wisdom to share. And we're all in this together! 

Now, all that being said, and now that you're over the hurdle of thinking that YOU don't have something incredible to share... click on over to my collaboration page and tell me how you want to get involved! Whether it's a nominee for a Mom Crush or an idea for a podcast episode, this doesn't work without you and I'm dying to hear from you!

Ok. So here's the nitty gritty on what this post is really about. Like many of you I got really caught up in the unspoken competition between women that's happening out there. My teen years and early adulthood were almost consumed by thoughts and actions based on that. My inner voice almost entirely spent her time telling me how I didn't stack up to other women. 

When I was thinking about becoming a parent and then pregnant, I really made a conscious effort to get that in check. I've mentioned before some of the strategies I used to heal my thoughts and save me from myself! I've done a pretty good job of moving forward and getting better in this aspect of my life even though these thoughts sneak in from time to time. 

I didn't realize how much motherhood would amplify that voice! Soon after my son was born, I started going down that similar spiral. 

I should try to breastfeed longer. I should've prepared better to have a longer maternity leave. I should stay home....... Nothing I did was right. The mom guilt was real. And the voice in my head was meaner than ever. 

That's when I really started diving into this world of positivity and decided that starting this blog was the right move for me. It gives me an opportunity to share with other moms and get that commiseration and support when things aren't going my way or a platform to share things that are working well so that you can reap the benefits of some good advice too! 

Today, I want to share with you that good enough is good enough. 

If you got up today, got the kids dressed and fed (or maybe just fed!), that's good enough. There's no need to compare to someone's perfectly curated IG. If you got dinner on the table, that's good enough. There's no need to feel guilty about it not being Food Network worthy. If you put on Baby Einstein so that you could get work done and bring home the bacon, that's good enough! There's no need to compare to the mom who did arts and crafts with her kid this afternoon.

When you use one candle to light another, the first candle doesn't go out. In fact, there's more light. We don't have to compete with the mom next to us! What we need is to light each other up! 

That's my two cents for today. And really, that's why I'm here in the first place. So I hope you'll join me in continuing to build this community by engaging with us, sharing who inspires you, patting each other on the back, telling me what content you need, and coming on the podcast already! ;) 

I hope wherever, whenever you're reading this you know that I'm in your corner cheering for you!