The days are long...

One of the things that has surprised me the most about being a mom so far is how torn in half I feel most of the time. I don't mean the work - life battle. I mean the simultaneous joy and heartache I can feel when a single moment feels so overwhelmingly beautiful that I have to hold on to it but also so terrifyingly brief as I feel it slip through my fingers. These feelings have had a large part in my desire to start this blog. Maybe you have felt these feelings too.....

I love that he needs me, his mom. 

OMG. How could you possibly need ME again?

I can't wait until you can crawl, (talk, walk.....)

How are you growing SO fast?

Will this phase ever end?

Look at this picture from just a month ago!

Is it bedtime yet?

Don't go to bed.. you'll be so much bigger by the morning.

I love that your dad is so hands on.

Ugh. He's doing that wrong.

I can't wait to get out of here and leave for work!

I wonder what he's doing right now

It would be so fun to see him with a sibling...

...but then it won't be just us any more.

Sometimes these thoughts fill me to the brim with gratitude that I get to watch this little guy grow. Sometimes they fill me with guilt until I can't breathe because I'm not living in the moment like I'm supposed to. It breaks my heart to even write these words because I feel them so deeply in my soul about a thousand times a day. I guess these feelings are our reminders to enjoy the moment. Easier said than done...but we're trying in our house.