Learning to Mom

My supervisor in my most recent K-12 role gives great advice. I spent only one year as a coordinator at a large, urban charter school under her guidance. It was a trying year. I was responsible for a small team of teachers and a caseload of over 300 students (only a third of the school's total population). On paper, the role was exactly what I had been working towards and wanted. But in reality, I struggled. A lot. I struggled to keep up with the demands of completing reports and coaching teachers. I struggled with managing testing and maintaining files in our revolving door, open enrollment building. I didn't think I'd waltz in and know what was what every day as a newbie. But I hadn't counted on the challenge being quite this big.

Throw into the mix that I also had just become a mom only 5 weeks before interviewing for this job and the mommy wars were killing me.  I was losing it. 

Enter my Vice Principal with her strategic way and wisdom. She always has a plan, a reason for doing what she's doing. I've never met someone so quick on her feet. The first time I confided in her that I was drowning she replied with a phrase she's repeated several times since then: "If you're uncomfortable, you're growing." 

I should be ten feet tall from all the growing I've experienced in the last year!

But isn't that true? In my job, in life, in my marriage, this year has had so many butterfly-in-the-stomach, "Am I doing this right?", "Who put me in charge?" moments. My husband and I have reflected on this so many times so far in our son's life. Each phase we make it through we nervously laugh at how we just couldn't see the light at the tunnel a few days or weeks ago. It was uncomfortable but we made it. And certainly grew from it.

With each little growth spurt as parents, we grow slightly more into our own as mom and dad. Sometimes we're knocked back down a peg (or two) but if I keep this expression in mind, I'm able to see our transformation into newer versions of ourselves each time. 

How do you feel you've grown since becoming a parent? Comment below or head over to my IG account (@findingyourmomtra) and share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!