Making Time

In working up the gumption to actually get this blog up and running, I've been listening to the audiobook "Side Hustle" by Chris Guillebeau. (If you're looking for practical advice for starting a side hustle, I highly recommend the book.) Of course, as I'm listening, I'm hearing the advice through the ears of a busy mom. One line in particular resonated with me. 


"Busy people are good at side hustles because they know how to make their time count." -Chris Guillebeau, Side Hustle

What could be truer of a mom? We're constantly manipulating our time. If you're anything like me, efficiency is key. Walking downstairs? Save a trip later and bring the laundry basket now. Running to the grocery store? Stop and grab money for the sitter at the ATM; you don't have to pay until Friday but why not kill two birds with one stone today?

This quote stuck with me for a few days. Not only did this apply to someone's ability to start and work a side hustle but for me, it applies to our ability as moms to engage in self-care. Since my little B was born, I have struggled with 'finding time for me'. Suddenly, when I decided to start this blog and get serious about it, the time opened up. I've worked out more times in the last week than I did in the first 8 months of my son's life. My husband recognized how important this was to me and started doing more of the chores around the house without me asking for help. It truly has been as if simply deciding that some of my time had to be spent on me created a shift in my entire life. 

So I clicked publish on the Finding Your Momtra without even writing my first post and that's when I heard this quote. Almost 9 months of B's life had gone by and I had found time to complete approximately 7 million loads of laundry, make several hundred meals, and change around 8 billion diapers (just a guesstimate) but I had found about 4 hours to spend on myself or something I wanted to do. Obviously, eating, having clean clothes, and changing dirty diapers are nonnegotiable. I get awfully hangry pretty quickly and that would be one mean case of diaper rash. ... but really, why shouldn't ME time be nonnegotiable as well? 

Busy people ..know how to make their time count. In my opinion, spending time on you is one of the best ways to make your time count. (More on pouring from an empty cup in my next post...) As moms, we're as busy as they get. This is an age old conundrum that I know you can figure out for yourself. You just have to decide