The Importance of Mom-spiration

One thing I've learned in adulthood, that happens to serve me REALLY well in motherhood, is realizing that I am in control of what I consume and the content that I invite into my world.

About 8 years ago, I ordered clothes from a catalog and realized that this particular retailer sends multiple catalogs a month in the mail. For one, it feels a little spammy. But I also took notice of how I felt leafing through the pages. I wish I could wear that style. That doesn't look good on me. My butt's too big, my boobs aren't big enough. I should dye my hair that color. My skin isn't clear enough. etc, etc, etc. 

I made a conscious decision that day to 1) stop ordering from them because I just did not have the self-control not to look through the catalogs when they came (and I felt like crap after!) and 2) to take control over what I chose to spend my time looking at. I stopped buying women's magazines. I won't even glance at them in the checkout lane at the store. 

This decision was made quite a while before social media truly became a part of my every day life. I didn't have a smart phone yet either so images really were only in front of me when I chose to have them there. I am not great at sticking to plans for any length of time. Historically, I don't last longer than a few days on any kind of meal plan and I rarely stick to an exercise plan. 

But the one commitment that I've been able to hold true to is this one. And the change in my ability to regulate my self-talk and stay in a positive frame of mind when thinking of myself is noticable because of this conscious choice. 

Once Instagram and other social media platforms started to inhabit a bigger part of my time I realized that the same rule needed to apply. Having my son has reignited my desire to maintain a positive body image and I've reminded myself that I get to choose who and what I subscribe to. 

Not only do I have control over what I don't consume but I also get to choose what I do let in. I've chosen to surround myself with images of moms who are doing their damn thing! Moms who show up as their real, uncurated selves. Moms who display the most beautiful, curated images. Moms who are genuine, fit, fat, fashionistas, SAHM, career women, you name it. I've unfollowed accounts that make me feel less than. I feature a new mom every week who inspires me so that she can light you up too (if you choose!!). 

This is the beauty of the space we live in today. At any given moment, we can tune in and find inspiration. We can choose to click that little icon, take a deep breath, and read something relatable. We can make deliberate choices that directly impact our well-being and how we show up for our families. 

Thank you so much for letting me be one of those women who you let in!