Reasons to Celebrate!

Oh, the first week in October. From our first year as a couple it instantly started collecting memories and important dates. I guess actually since birth it had taken on importance since my husband’s birthday is the 5th… but I’ll get to the fifth in a few minutes. We have several important dates to get through before that!

October 1, 2009. We started dating in January of 2009 after knowing one another for four years. Just before Christmas one of our mutual friends let him know that I had been swooning over him for quite some time which prompted a text convo (T9 style!) about when we could meet up and hang out 1:1 instead of the group outings we’d been together on many times before. If you knew Fred this would be funnier but I remember our conversation verbatim. It went something like this:

Our friend calls me to tell me she’d been hanging out with him and he was feeling down and out for not meeting any nice girls. Her response was, “Oh please, all of those host stand girls are always swooning over you” He says, “No way. Like, who?” Her response, “Karen would totally make out with you”. When she told me this I had a major face palm moment. I was still pretty young, 23. And Fred was 31. I was mortified… but that’s didn’t stop me from texting him. So I hit the 7 button 4 times and the 6 button 3 times… (haha remember having to do that?!) and said “So, I heard we’re gonna make out”

Fred’s response was, “You tell me when and where” … This is the funny part. We like to imagine him frantically trying to figure out if he could ‘unsend’ a text. haha. This response provided my friend and I with an endless amount of school girl giggling that day.

Well it took us a few weeks to get together because of the holidays but when we finally went on our first solo date we (probably more accurately, I) chatted the night away. He invited me back to his apartment and we continued to talk until well into the early morning hours. At which point I had to drop a bomb. This was the BEST first date you could ever imagine. And I had to tell him that in about 6 months I was leaving to teach in another school district. On an island 5,000 miles away. It broke my heart….

But let’s fast forward a little here. In July, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and started teaching. BUT days before I left, Fred was laid off from his job (damn you, 2009!) so I invited him along with me. It took some convincing but on October 1, 2009 he arrived on the island and that day will always hold a special place in our hearts!

October 2, 2013 and 2016. In 2013, we added Ellie, our fur baby, to our pack. Ellie is a rambunctious black lab. She was a couple months old at the time and we were completely smitten! We’re so lucky that she’s been so great with B. We make sure to teach him boundaries so that she can still have her space but she’s been so patient and seems to understand that he’s learning. She’s the stinkiest (which is a term of endearment in our house) and we wouldn’t trade her for the world!

10/2/16 was the day I found out I was pregnant with B. It was my third pregnancy and we didn’t ‘try’ necessarily. I remember sitting at my in laws’ dining room table. Fred was up on the mountain with his dad and Ellie. I asked him mom if she had a thermometer because I just felt like my temperature was spiking the tiniest bit. I hadn’t been tracking my temp at all during that year while we tried but I had a funny feeling. She only had the old fashioned mercury thermometer so noticing a small spike was almost impossible. That night we drove home and I asked Fred to stop at CVS but didn’t tell him why. I should’ve waited until the morning but I took the test anyway while he took a phone call from work. As I sat upstairs watching the positive show up I anxiously waited to hear him hang up the phone. I was dying inside! I brought him upstairs to show him our wedding guest book that I had finally had framed and I perched the positive test above it to see if he’d notice. It was such a hard moment to truly enjoy because we’d had our hopes dashed twice already that year but I think part of me knew this time was going to work out! And it did.

October 3, 2015. Our wedding day! We had no wedding party, just the two of us and our friend officiating. We had an awesome ‘first look’ in the park near our house. We shed a LOT of happy tears and danced the night away. So many of our guests came to the corner bar at the end of our block to continue celebrating. We just really didn’t want the day to end! I’m extra thankful that my husband continues to make me feel as loved and beautiful as I felt that day.

October 4th- doesn’t have a special meaning yet! But we’re going to keep making memories and see what pops in the future there! Though Fred just said the milk in our fridge expires on the fourth so maybe there’s something to that! haha.

October 5, 19??. I already mentioned this but it’s Fred’s birthday! I love celebrating birthdays and I’m usually a pretty good gift giver! I like to find birthday cards months- sometimes years, seriously!- in advance to save for the right birthday. I’m so glad he made his way into the world on this day as it rounds out the end of my favorite week of the year!

I’m glad I thought to share this post. Sometimes it’s hard to find what’s special in an ordinary day. Of course we’d celebrate his birthday and our anniversary but those other days could just be treated as any other but we choose not to look at them that way. I hope you find something special to celebrate this week too!