4 Strategies for Surviving the Mommy Judgement Zone

I know you. I know that you are exhausted by the constant back and forth on the mommy forums about who's doing it better / right / or my personal favorite, who has had to sacrifice more. Dear sanctimommies, step away from the keyboard! 

Guess what? I kinda think we're all rockin it. But it took me a while to gain confidence in my personal brand of momming and a lot of that had to do with learning how to handle all that judgement. 

Lucky for you, I put together 4 strategies for making it out of the judgement zone in one piece! Whether you're stuck in a convo with your MIL or you've just been sucked down the rabbit hole of reading a comment section on Scary Mommy (dear lord, never read the comment section if you value your sanity!), these strategies will keep you from imploding. Check 'em out below ! 

4 Strategies.png