Episode #10: Self Love

I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Meg Boggs for this episode!  I truly can't explain how much I was fan girling when she agreed to chat with me. I have swooned over her sweet self-portraits of her and her daughter, Maci Ann, and I've read every bit ofher updates on life with Maci each month on her blog

When the phone rang the day of our interview I was a little surprised when I heard Meg's voice. I didn't know where she was from and so the subtle Southern twang in her voice caught me by surprise (She's from Texas btw!). I also had an idea in my head about her personality. Her Instagram posts are bold and unapologetic. Reading her captions you catch on to the sweetness but hearing her voice softened her even more in my opinion and honestly, it endeared her even more to me. Meg embodies a dichotomy of mother-bear strength and Southern charm. She's a self-love warrior but also shows the scary, self-doubting, "Am I doing this right?"side of motherhood too. 

My absolute favorite take away from our conversation was when Meg said,

"It's possible to love yourself even if you're in the middle of the journey."

This was so important for me to hear at that moment. Motherhood is a journey. We never quite arrive at the destination of mom. We're all a work in progress. I think social media has made it even harder to commit to loving yourself between carefully staged and curated pictures of lives that don't actually exist, it's all too easy to get down on yourself. This is exactly why I follow moms like Meg on instagram and other platforms. I want to consume content that reminds me that we're all in this together, no matter how tough it may get from time to time. 

I can't do this interview justice. Listen in for Meg's words of wisdom after just a few months of motherhood. Her clarity and realness will fill you up with appreciation and self-love for the amazing job you're doing! 

Don't forget to follow Meg on Insta and come on over to my post and Meg this week to tell us about a Mom that inspires you!

This week's take aways:

  • self love is a non negotiable- you can't show up as your best self without filling your cup too!

  • it's 100% possible to be appreciative of and love yourself at whatever point you are at right now

  • we are our children's first role models- be who you needed when you were younger