Episode #19: Story Telling and Authenticity with Michelle Knight


This episode has to be one of my most powerful yet. Reaching out to Michelle was really nerve wracking. You see, before even starting FYM I knew that women leaders, mentors, and 'idols' were a huge part of my life. Both of my parents were one of 7 kids, both raised by single mothers. The idea of strong women goes bone deep on both sides. It actually never occurred to me how the men and boys in the family must experience this dynamic but as a girl I can tell you the message was loud and clear. I am woman. Hear me roar. I even chose to have an all female dissertation committee just to yet again surround myself with intelligent, strong, influential women. 

To say I had all the fan girl feels when pressing send on my podcast invite to Michelle is an understatement. I have yet to come across a piece of Michelle's content that hasn't spoken to me on every level. She's truly been a far away mentor for me as I searched for resources and inspiration in defining my brand and building FYM. 

Michelle's business Brand Merry Coaching is a place where she works with female entrepreneurs in building brands that allow them time, place, and financial freedom. She helps you realize your dreams. Two minutes into a conversation with Michelle will empower you to take action. She's infectious and empowering, generous with her expertise and massively passionate about her mission. 

Her lessons and insights aren't just applicable to building your own business. Our ability to show up as our highest selves as moms is on the other side of discomfort. As Michelle says, 'lean in.' When it gets uncomfortable, lean in. Want to make that new mom friend? Lean in. Want to ask for that raise / flexible hours / fill in the blank? Lean in. 

Want to start that business? Lean in

Major take aways from my convo with Michelle:

- Don't wait for someone or something to give you permission to live the life you want

- Consider how the choices you make are inspiring your children

- Think about the legacy you're leaving

- Lean in when life gets uncomfortable because that's where you grow