Episode #2: Mom Guilt

Aired April 6, 2018

A minute into this episode, you'll notice that this episode was just way too much fun for me to record. I was just starting to cautiously wade into the podcasting waters and so I decided to drag one of my best friends along for the ride. What better topic to kick things off right than mom guilt? It's something we've all experienced at one time or another and I knew that it would resonate with all of you.

Natalie of Natalie McKnight Photography is candid and so lovable as she spoke the truth about how motherhood and being a small business owner sometimes collide in her world. When I first became a mom, she was the first one to use the phrase 'mom guilt' with me. I was so ashamed to admit it to anyone else but I had a major moment when one of our friends gave birth about two months after me. If you've followed my story, you know that I have had such a difficult time managing my emotions around my birth story which ended in a c-section. When I first heard our friend's birth story I was overcome with sadness and grief. I felt like a failure and a monster and I had to let my feelings out by telling someone.

Natalie's exact response to me was, "Wow. That is some grade A mom guilt right there." And all I thought was, "Ah ha! So that's what I've been feeling!" 

From that introduction on, Mom Guilt became a recognizable emotion in my life. It became a constant form of commiseration between me and Natalie and my other mom friends. One of the biggest contributors to mom guilt for both of us has been starting our businesses. Balancing time to spend with our families and time spent on our passion projects shows up as a major pain point. 


Here are the major take aways from this episode:

- Recognize that mom guilt will most likely always be there in some capacity

- Pursuing work that you're passionate about is fulfilling and MAKES you a better version of you for your families

- Make your workspace sacred. Sometimes this means to physically go somewhere else, the local coffee shop, wherever, to be as efficient as possible during your work time but also present when it's family time

- Lean on your support system, your mom friends, your partner and realize that you don't have to be the one to do every thing!

- Honor your kid-free time! Schedule time with friends and make it a non-negotiable