Episode #21: Frugal Living and Peace of Mind

In this episode, I learn tips on living frugally and how being conscientious about spending can lead to major peace of mind! Emily Wolf of A Centsible Life chats with me and gives her concrete strategies for getting your finances under control. Emily formerly worked in finance and now she's a SAHM to three kiddos in the expensive Bay Area so she definitely knows how to stretch a buck! 


Major takeaways:

  • Go on bi-weekly shopping trips to cut out those impulse buys

  • Using cash is a great way to curb spending - once it's gone, it's gone!

  • Get real about your spending, be honest with yourself about your income and expenses

  • Find ways to make saving fun: challenge yourself to save $5 bills for a month or try to see how long you can go without breaking a big bill! Whatever works for you

Check Emily out at: www.instagram.com/a_centsible_life