Episode #22: 5 Best Pieces of Wisdom from 5 Months of Interviews

This was a really fun episode for me to plan for! I got to go back and binge on my own episodes. Which is a little weird  but also a good learning experience.

I decided to do this episode because time and time again I get deja vu when talking to my guests. The same themes come up over and over again in our chats.  I firmly believe that sometimes we need to hear the same good stuff multiple times before it finally sinks in. So this episode is dedicated to that pursuit. You may have heard every single FYM episode so far (I sure have, I lived them!) but rounding up this advice was just the reminder I needed!


Here are the major points:

1) Give yourself grace. Let yourself off the hook! Not every moment has to be Pinterest / IG worthy.

2) Do you! Don't take every single person's piece of advice.

3) Self-care: it's not just a pedicure.

4) Share and communicate: keep your tribe close - mom friends, single friends, your partner, everybody!

5) Community is everything: We can't and shouldn't do this alone. If you need support and are having a hard time building your support system, I'm here for you! karen@findingyourmomtra.com