Episode #23 : Doing Business and Raising Babies

Brittany Vanover is a quadruple threat: mom, wife, owner of multiple businesses, and educator. My chat with Brittany was so enlightening as she shared her 'why' and how she's learned to give herself grace when the plan doesn't go ...well, as planned! She's on a mission to empower, inspire, and educate other women in business all while raising good humans. Her lessons on giving herself grace are applicable no matter what season of life you're in right now.

My biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  • If you can’t find what it is you’re looking for (resource, advice, support), chances are you’re not the only one looking for it. That’s your opportunity to create a much needed product or service!

  • Give yourself grace. We’re all in different seasons of life. Honoring the season you’re in right now is the key to feeling productive and at peace whether in business or family.

Find Brittany at www.doingbusinessandraisingbabies.com/ and @doingbusinessandraisingbabies on Instagram!