Episode #24 : How are we doing?

It’s been a while since I had Fred on the show so he graciously sat down with me to be grilled in front of an audience of women! Brave man.

Life as parents has changed so much since our last episode. We now have a walking, talking toddler. He’s testing boundaries and making us really think about our choices as parents. In this episode you’ll hear us take the temperature on our current status. How are doing? What do we hope to do better? And where do we see ourselves in the future?

Biggest take aways:

  • We recognize things our parents did right- they weren’t our friends… but because of that tough love back then, we’re friends now!

  • We don’t give ourselves enough credit. We both think the other parent is knocking it out of the park while we feel mediocre ourselves.

  • We loved having siblings and we really hope to add another child to our family soon.