Episode #25: Tapping into our Creative Energy with Amy Dunkel

If you’ve not heard me say this a million times, you’re not listening: We need one another. Moms need one another. Women need one another. I always thought the idea of sisterhood was a bit on the cheese side…. but growing a human, birthing a human, feeding a human. There’s something mildly humbling about, mildly (that’s sarcasm, folks!). Nothing has ever taught me more about letting go, asking for support,and making community a priority than motherhood so when I found Amy’s podcast (Moms Who Rule the World) I immediately sat down to write her an email.

Soon after I received the cutest reply- “Thank you so much for reaching out!!!” she said. “Gosh, and I'd really love to talk with you about how you’re making it all work, like real talk.” And real talk we did! Our first convo was close to an hour. We’d never connected before ever but we both spilled the beans to a stranger from the internet. After our chat, I sent her an email to schedule our interviews (I’ll be on an upcoming episode of her podcast too!) and told her that she felt like an old friend. She said she felt the same way. Having babies - human ones and business ones- has a way of helping you bond pretty instantly.

So it’ll be no surprise in this episode that our conversation flows easily and we bounce complementary tips and ideas off of one another. This episode taught me so many life lessons. Not only did it support my thoughts about creating a business and finding my mojo and creativity but it also reiterated the importance of community- It’s the only way we’ll continue to rule the world!

Biggest takeaways:

  • Manage your energy- not your time (Hmmm..where have I heard that before?!)

  • Motherhood is transformative in ways you’d never expect

  • Nothing will be important if you don’t make it important - tell yourself, tell your spouse, tell your support system

  • Sometimes it’ll be easy, sometimes it’ll be hard- show up anyway!