Episode #33: Meaningful Family Communication with Jennifer Zumbiel

In Episode 33, I share a convo with Jennifer Zumbiel, founder and creator of Togather Moments and mom of 4 busy kiddos. Jennifer knew there was a better way to communicate with our kids in ways that would promote more than just a, "Fine." response. Today, she shares her secret sauce for engaging family conversations and offers three tips for making it happen regularly!

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Here are today’s biggest take aways:

  • Be consistent. Communicate with your family on a regular basis so that it isn’t coming out of left field when you attempt to have a deep conversation.

  • Cultivate the right moments. Take advantage of time in the car. Put yourselves in situations that promote conversation.

  • Eye contact! Look up from the dishes or laundry and give your full attention to your family.

Find Jennifer at: www.togathermoments.com and www.instagram.com/togathermoments