Episode #36: Pumping: What’s it REALLY like?

Today's episode is a super fun conversation with NICU nurse and soon-to-be lactation consultant, Amanda Gilson. We chat about the ins and outs what it's like being a working mom who has to pump. We share some cringe-worthy experiences (i.e. someone barging in the office mid-pump) and some sweet and funny ones as well.

Whether you are, were, or will be a pumping mom, this episode is sure to bring back memories or prepare you- as it did for me for Baby #2!

Major takeaways:

  • As always, lean on your village! You’re not the first one who has ever gone through this

  • Educate yourself: it will help you trouble shoot issues AND know your rights at work

  • Prepare yourself …but also go with the flow. You never know what life or that little babe will throw at you. If you’re too rigid in your plan you might be set up for disappointment.