Episode #37: Handling Big Transitions Gracefully with Gila Pfeffer

Today's guest is Gila Pfeffer, the hilarious mom behind The Mom Who Knew Too Much blog. Gila is mom to four teens. When her husband had the opportunity to move to London in 2009 they jumped knowing it would be a great experience for all! What makes her story even more incredible is that just weeks before their trans-Atlantic move, Gila had just wrapped her cancer treatment.

This mama knows how to handle BIG transitions with grace, lots of planning, and a touch of humor.

Tune in for Gila's tips on how to plan your way to successfully navigate new experiences, how to be on the same page as your partner, and the best ways to build your tribe in a new community.

Find Gila at: https://the-mom-who-knew-too-much.com/

or https://www.instagram.com/the.mom.who.knew.too.much/