My friend, Hilary, was sweet enough to join me for this episode on Friendship. We laugh and commiserate about how relationships evolve when kids are added to the mix. We've had friends take a back seat, decide not to call or text, out of respect for boundaries, thinking they were being thoughtful of our new lives only to realize how much we wished they would reach out. 

We've both learned that it's a delicate balance. We need our friends (mom friends and those without children!). Sometimes we also need some grace when we're unable to respond to text for a day or two. Friendships don't necessarily change...they evolve. Just because your priorities shift doesn't mean you can't make yourself and time spent with friends one of those priorities.


This episodes take aways:

  • If you're the friend of a new mom, reach out! Be apart of the new dynamic.

  • As a new mom, take intentional steps to keep lines of communication with friends open. You'll be so glad you did.

  • Spend time away from home reconnecting. It's great to have friends come visit you, but step out of the house and remember who you were (and still are!) underneath the mom bun and yoga pants.


Check out Hilary at @2kids_and_avasectomy!