Episode #45: Dear Darby: Rocking labor and motherhood one gown at a time

This conversation was a first for me- these guests actually left me speechless. For those of you listening who know me personally, I know you'll find this hard to believe but it's true! These ladies are so passionate about what they do there were some major mic drop moments during our conversation! Today I chat with the dynamic sister duo behind Dear Darby, a company that creates labor gowns to honor that miraculous transition in a woman's life into motherhood. We chat about the importance of feeling good during labor, what it's like running a business with your sister, and so much more. Whether the season of making babies has passed or not for you, you'll love the enthusiasm that April and Aleena bring to their business and life and I know you'll be just as speechless as I was at their passion. 

Snag your beautiful labor gown HERE and follow along as April and Aleena share awesome birthing and motherhood tips HERE.