Episode #55: What you need to rock your fourth trimester

Well, here I am. Coming to you straight from the trenches of the fourth trimester itself. I had the pleasure of talking to the ladies behind Matrescence: 4th Trimester Planning and Support *months* ago...back then I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed with only one little person to take care of. At least just one on the outside. I was so excited to employ the strategies I learned from this episode when baby #2 came. So when she decided to arrive three weeks earlier than expected I had no choice but it kick it into high gear. As you may have noticed from my two month absence from your earbuds, I took a long slow pause to get used to life with two kids - exactly what our family needed during this fourth trimester. Will I ever REALLY get used to it? Who knows... but we're falling into a new rhythm and in this episode we share the tips and tools I've been using for the last 7 weeks.

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