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Mom Crush Mondays

Visit this page weekly for my Mom Crush Monday picks! This list of ladies is full of inspirational, real mamas. I really believe in community over competition and in the power of some mom-spiration!

I've spent lots of time deciding who to give my time and attention to and follow, who I relate to, and finding moms who make me want to be and do better, moms who are keeping it real. And lucky you, because here they are all in one place for you to read about!  

Suneera Madhani

You'd be seriously hard-pressed to find a mom more bad ass than Suneera ...and she even says so herself which makes me love her even more.

To quote Suneera, she started her blog to talk about how she gets "this shit done being a mom. I wanted to finally take the time to write about my experiences in being a bad ass CEO and business owner to being an incredible mother and wife."

I can't get enough of a mom who built a multi-million dollar business (while pregnant!), has been featured in more publications than I can name, shares her experiences with other moms, AND uses the terms 'bad ass' and 'incredible' to describe herself.

Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.04.51 AM.png

Oakley, Nothing Down About It

Oakley is a gorgeous blondie, mom of three and author of the blog Nothing Down About It. I've been following her journey for years. Oakley's middle child, Welles, has Down Syndrome. She is so honest with her story and how scared and worried she was initially. But her outlook today brings me to tears on an almost daily basis. Her advocacy for her son, her appreciation for the elevated quality of life he has because of his perspective... it's just so touching and inspiring. Do yourself a favor and watch this quick video (have a tissue or two handy!!)

Jamie Tutson, Perk Packs

This week's mom crush is Jamie Tutson of Perk Packs. Jamie realized early on how isolating, exhausting, and TOUGH this motherhood thing is. She has since made it her mission to create a community where moms feel empowered and supported. She challenges us to guide a fellow mom toward support she doesn't even know she needs and to be the light and strength for one another! 

Sounds to me like there should be a Perk Pack / FYM crossover! I encourage you to give Jamie a follow and checkout her blog which covers everything from postpartum anxiety to mom guilt. And as a bonus to following her on IG you get to see her pics of those two beautiful little girls! 

Stacie Haskins, Kindness over Coolness

Despite the name, she is super cool. She's a homeschooling mom of three who has a mission to be minimalist and kind. Her instagram feed is lovingly and real-ly dubbed 'the highlight reel'. I just love that!

Colleen, The Frenchie Farm

Colleen shares all the details as she and her husband renovate an old family farmhouse, care for a host of animal friends, feed their family with produce from their garden, AND raise two kids! This family is all the goals - farmhouse, DIY, homesteading, you name it! If any of those words make your mama heart go pitter patter, then click the image of Colleen's beautiful little family to find out more!

Marie Forleo

"Everything is figure-out-able". That's one of Marie's favorite phrases. I'd heard it lots of times before becoming a mom but never before had it held so much meaning! 

Here's the deal- Marie isn't a biological mom but she has a step son and she lovingly refers to herself in her business as "Mama Marie". If you love the phrase "Everything is figure-out-able", then you have to check out the 100s of episodes of Marie TV (click image) for tons of business and life advice that is totally relateable to motherhood! 

Jennifer Borget

I don't know how but somehow this Mom Blogger snuck under my radar for a really long time! It wasn't until she showed up on my explore page on IG a few months ago that I found her and I'm so, so glad I did!

Jennifer is a home-schooler and a mom blogger extraordinaire! She's won numerous awards for her work including Best Photography and Best Mom Blog of the Year 2018! She has three gorgeous kiddos and her blog is full of honest, down-to-Earth talk about motherhood, interracial marriage, and raising multiracial children. Be sure to check Jennifer out!

Screenshot 2018-07-23 at 1.53.24 PM.png

Joanna Gaines


There's no way I could list my mom crushes and leave out this lady. Is there anything Joanna Gaines can't do? I'm so inspired by her simple style, big heart, and family values. Watching someone stay true to herself while growing to such huge fame is #goals. 

Even though Fixer Upper isn't being filmed anymore, I look forward to getting glimpses into the life of the Gaines family!

Meg Boggs

Meg Boggs is just an absolute sweetheart. She is honest, vulnurable, and real. When you read what she says you feel like you're talking to a long-time friend. Every one of her captions makes me stop and think, "Yeah. Me too." And that's all I've been in search of since becoming a mom. 

Meg was awesome enough to join me on the Podcast and you can listen to our episode hereClick her pic to visit Meg's blog.

Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is an incredible curator and creator of content uniquely targeted at women entrepreneurs. The quality of the stuff she puts out for free is mind boggling and I can’t get enough of her @goaldiggerpodcast !

If that’s not enough she’s been incredibly honest and open about her fertility struggles in a way that is so helpful in letting other moms know they’re not alone. As you can see from this pic Jenna and her husband are expecting their first child and I’m on the edge of my seat to watch them become parents and see how she navigates being a powerhouse business woman and a new mom! She’s the absolute coolest- go check her out!

Cathy Heller

If there's one place for me to encourage you to go for the inspiration and courage to live the life you dream of, Cathy Heller's Dont Keep Your Day Job Podcast is it! Cathy is a mom of three, song writer, and interviewer extraordinaire. Her podcast episodes are full of wisdom and real life tips for taking action toward creating a business and life you love. I can't sing her praises enough. I binge listen every change I get! Click the image to visit Cathy's site.